School Run

04 Sep

So, the school run is back for another year! How do you find it? Love it,hate it? Unfortunately it’s unavoidable for most of us parents and myself I hate it with a passion, and let me tell you why.

Olivia has just started year 3 and the ‘cliques’ with parents are so apparent now. You have the mum’s who work like me, the mum’s who don’t work and constantly pop out babies, and the ones who don’t have to work.
In the past I have had a lot of issues including having mum’s getting ready to “jump” me outside the school gates purely because the don’t like my face, I’ve never even spoken to any of them!
But the ongoing ones is the group of mainly mum’s who live for the school run. First at the gates morning and afternoon same ones always together and again I’ve never spoken to any of them. They have this way of making you feel uncomfortable and inferior because you aren’t as devoted to your children as they are.
Yes I work and I work awful hours so I can’t always be there for my daughter to take and pick her up but is she any worse off for it? No not really she only had 2 days off sick last year and is performing at the level expected and I never get spoken to by her teachers for bad behaviour. So what exactly is the problem? Damned if I know!
Now a more serious issue is when the children start copying the parents, are they that small minded to think that it wouldn’t be picked up on, unfortunately for some of them yes they are. Last year one of the daughters of these mum’s told Olivia that she walks funny and to walk behind her in a straight line, oh and tell your mum your shoes aren’t suitable buy you some proper school shoes! Well excuse me I don’t think so young lady.
Why do we have to put up with this behaviour surely the primary function of the school run is to take and collect your child from school not to put up with parents who blatently act as childish as their children!

How do you find your school run? Enjoyable? Awful? Do you time it like me so that you get there just in time so you don’t hang around or are you lucky like my sister who has some really lovely mum’s in the year group!

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