06 Sep

Febuary 2012 my lovely friend Jo or @carsonsmummy as you may know her on twitter came round to celebrate her birthday.
Over a few birthday drinks she began telling about all these prizes she had winning, so naturally intrigued I asked how, where from, and what did you do so she told me and that was how my comping days started.

I started with the RT and Follow comps on twitter and progressed soon entering as many competitions as I could find with my first major win coming in the May with a win of a £100 cheque.
This brings me to reason for this blog post. My family!
Right from this very first win they have been very skeptical and unsupportive.
I get ridiculed and put up up with some very cheeky comments from them, which at times can be a little upsetting and disheartening.
I know comper can get a bad reputation but let me tell you why I do it.
I’m a single mum and I work part time and I’m financially stretched to limit leaving me with very little to put towards treats/holidays/days out etc. So for me to enter free competitions in my spare time, a) stops me from going out which would result in me spending money I don’t have and b) possibly win something of value to help me gain something I wouldn’t usually be able to have.
Now I don’t enter every and all competitions just the ones where I could realistically use the prize and to me winning, for example, a years supply of tea would be brilliant as I could use the money saved for other things. Do you get me? I’m not saying any prize is a bad prize, if it wasn’t for me I wouldn’t enter it but I long for the day I win a new cooker to replace my old one!

This year for me has been a really good year for winning. I’ve not won a huge amount but I have things that have saved me money and helped me out and this is the reason I do what I do.

So far this year, I have won myself a lovely pair of boots for the winter, I managed to get a beautiful maxi dress from a facebook like and share competition just days before I went to see the amazing Mr. Buble in the O2 arena and earlier on in the year I won £100 in love to shop vouchers and a £15 toys r us gift know, amongst many others but these were my favourite wins. This enabled me to buy all of my daughters birthday presents for next to nothing, I mean who wouldn’t be pleased with that, they’re not my only wins but my favourite ones so far this year.
Comping has become a daily thing for me now, with me spending all day or a few hours entering any available competitions and with christmas approaching fast and win is a plus in my book and I don’t care what anyone says to me it’s a harmless hobby and right now I’ve got no reason to stop.

Do you enter competitions? What have you experienced from those closest to you or do you have an opinion about comper’s? Let me know.

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