06 Sep

Right, well I love Fridays I really do let me tell you why.

Firstly I get paid on a Friday every week which is always good thing, well until the whole bill paying thing but usually it’s the one day a week I’m up and ready early and today I treated Olivia and my neice to whatever breakfast they wanted. So it ended up waffles for one and shreddies as I refused to concede that tuna mayo sandwiches are a suitable school morning breakfast!

Next is that as a comper, today on twitter is freebie friday! Woohoo my favourite twitter time of the week. Now if you are unfortunate enough to be following me and are on twitter and aren’t a comper well I do apologise as I can get a bit carried away. I have in the past spent the whole school day on twitter retweeting in the hope of winning something/anything. Unfortunately I’m not quite so successful these days but I put put that down to the huge amount of people who enter these “RT and Follow” competitions, but good luck to them even tho I do get a bit jealous as there are some amazing prizes out there to be won.

Now as I’ve mentioned I do have to go to work and usually I get Fridays off but today I have a long shift which will get in the way of productive RT session a little inconsiderate I know but these things have to be done so for today I will have forgoe twitter and earn a living but next ill be there ready and waiting for my next big win!

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