07 Sep

Today im am very pleased with myself, I added a Bloglovin button to my blog. Check it out on the right hand side!

Now i know this may seem like a really silly thing but let me tell you i am completely computer illiterate and i mean completely!

Hmm i hear you thinking, in this day and age are there actually people who exist who live like this and the answer is yes, there are,i’m over here *waves hi*

During my time in secondary education, i just didnt get it, computers just confused me but luckily for me we worked in pairs so i somehow managed to leave school with no computer skills whatsoever!

So you can imagine how confused I was going into bloglovin to try to get the follow button. Well i had no need to worry at all, not only was it super easy there was step by step instructions that even i could understand and it took no time for me to get a shiny new bloglovin button.

As its the place to go to these days for your one stop blog shop and pretty much all blogs have the follow button i am very pleased to be able to join you all. And i’m sure i will be just as excited  when i get my very first follower for which i wait with baited breath.

So do it press the button and follow my new blossoming (hopefully) blog, and if your really lucky i may even get the hang of putting in links and pics and all kinds and i would love any help, advice, anything from new or experienced bloggers or anyone.

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