Christenings, an out dated tradition?

08 Sep

Today I went to a christening. I’ve not been to one for a few years but one of my sisters had the the honour of being one of the godmothers so there was a whole family invitation.

It was a chaotic service with a packed church 3 children being christened at the same time and a lot of restless (and bored!) kiddies.

During the service I noticed that an awful lot of people were disinterested, myself included and I kind of felt bad as the vicar was trying her best to engage everyone. 

Not being a church goer myself I did wonder is a full church a rarity these days? What kind of person actually attends a church. Does having a religion, even if you don’t practise it, shape the person you are or could become?

Me and my sisters are all christened, all by the same vicar who married my parents, yet 3 out of 4 of us girls all have daughters, one for me and one sister and another sister with two daughters (we have a lot of girls. We have a little boy due in a matter of weeks tho), none of whom are christened. 

So today I was thinking well why haven’t we? Are we all just lazy or is it just that we’re simply just not bothered by religion and as we don’t go to church it’s just something that’s never crossed our minds. I’m not sure really. 

I think it would be nice to get all our girlie’s (and nearly here lil man) christened but has the time passed for that kind of thing and do they actually need it? Are they losing out by not being christened? I don’t think so, they are all happy, independent, little ladies who know who they are and for the time being are quite content. There were no ‘are we christened?’ questions ‘why not’ they seemed happy to get straight to the party (food) and enjoy. 

Being a little cynical myself I think in this day and age where official baptism records are showing a decline, it’s maybe an excuse for a party and presents but ultimately a parents own choice. 

Today was a lovely day and I loved that the baby’s dress was from the mum’s wedding dress and the cake was the original wedding cake, fruit as well! But for me I feel that it’s not really something I need to have done for my daughter although when she’s older I will support her if she decides she would like to be christened. 


Are you or your children baptised? Was there any specific reason for or against your decision? 


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