I’m starting the diet Monday!

09 Sep

Possibly one the the most over used phrases to come out of a woman’s mouth of all time! Am I right? Growing up with 3 sisters and my mum going on a diet was and still is is a fairly regular occurence. For as long as I can remember someone in our family has always been on a diet of some sort and I can imagine that this is probably common with a lot of women. 

Now I know there’s probably plenty of blogs about this subject with it being touched upon from many different and various aspects but as a new blogger and someone who’s decided that she’s had enough of being over weight let me give you my version, humour me ok!

So,let me start off with what exactly is a diet? And do we really need to follow a ‘diet’? And what does that word mean to you? To me it means forsaking all my favourite foods and basically being deprived of an awful lot depending on which one you choose. 

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lighter Life, Slim Fast, Lipotrim, Diet Chef to name a few. These all come with a pretty hefty price tag and amazing success stories that reel you in ultimately are they actually there to help you lose the weight, keep it off and remain healthy in the long term? From what I’ve seen no not really. These companies are businesses and for them to keep going they rely on returning customers as a lot of people finds that the gimmicks and rules can be quite hard to stick to. My consistent failings on the Slim Fast diet reinforcing this theory. I’ve failed to stick to this diet more times than I care to remember but I still keep going back. 

Yes by all means try them out but if it’s not for us shouldn’t we see it in the same way we view a relationship that’s bad for us? It didn’t work the first time why should I try again? I mean the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things expecting different results right!

Right well I hear you thinking what exactly do you think is is a good diet? My opinion none of them! None at all. 

The change has to be us for a start to want to do something to want to change but does it always have to start with something as hard as what type of food to eat, because you know as well as I do that the moment you say ‘right I’m cutting out chocolate’ it’s all you can think about! This is something I personally struggle with, the more someone mentions or hints that I’m eating something ‘bad’ the more I want to do it and I know I’m not alone on that one!

But how do we change it? What to change first?

I joined the gym, I figured that even if I couldn’t get my diet under control I could at least make the effort to increase my physical activity and try to get fit then slowly introduce changes into my eating habits. 

I follow a lot of companies on twitter who have the most handy fitness and healthy eating ideas with resorting to extreme dieting as these aren’t realistic for us all on a permanent basis. 

A few years ago I went to the doctors for weight loss help and I started this brilliant course all based around how much and what we eat. It educated us on what is in different foods, how to understand food labels and exactly how big a portion size we should be consuming. Nothing was excluded all food and alcohol allowed in moderation and a lot of good ideas of how to swop to healthier options


For a start I learnt that sugar is stored as fat, so if you want to lose fat cut down on you sugar intake too. Eating little and often so your body knows that it doesn’t need to store fat as it will be getting everything it needs on a regular basis. I ended up dropping over 1 and half stone in 12 weeks and I sustained it for a long time but eventually bad habits crept back in. What I did like was that there was no exclusions at all, you could eat bread and potatoes you could still enjoy what you have always eaten just eat less. 

My problems these days is sometimes a bit to busy (and broke) to always have the cupboards stocked with healthy food and I do eat a lot of cheap junk and convenience foods but I am aiming to change this and will be taking my own advice and finding out what works for me to lose the weight I need to lose and more importantly keep it off. What’s the point in hitting that target weight loss if you can sustain it!

Any hints, tips, advice, either diet or fitness related would be greatly appreciated


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