All By Myself

10 Sep

Kind of a lonely blog title going on there, but today all by myself is something I am very proud of. I went to my first exercise class by myself! Just me and a whole load of strangers. Spurred on by my daughter  last night after swimming, I booked myself into aqua aerobics. I wanted to do aqua zumba but was informed that Olivia is too young to sit in waiting area by the pool on her own, she wasn’t happy being told she’s not actually as old as she thinks!

So 10 am today it was me in the pool with about 25 other women and 1 man and me being the youngest by a good 15 years, well it can’t be that hard if the average age is in the 60’s or can it!

I was joined around the edge at the back obvs, by a lady who started chatting away like we both done this every week and her friend. Having a little giggle at all the ‘old dears’ as she put it who were probably all the same age as her and wondering what it was going to be like as it was their first time too


The instructor came in, abba remixes came on and we’ll just for the soundtrack it was worth going. We started off quite gentle and a bit boring if I’m honest at first, but let me tell you if you’ve never done it, it can be quite hard at times pushing and moving against the water. Halfway through things got a little hectic with us all moving up and down the pool ending up back in our places to stretch and finish off. 

The hour up and my new friend was making arrangements, “well we will be at these various classes on the days!” what a nice lady unfortunately I’m in work for most of them but fingers crossed I’m off next week as I think I will be going back, I quite enjoyed my self even though it was like exercising with my nan!

But I am still proud I went I joined in and enjoyed it all on my own. I will work my way up to other more physical and vigorous classes, remind me to do a post about my one and kettlecise class you will love it!, but today for me the point was going on my own anything else was a bonus. 

I hope maybe this helps or inspires someone else to go for it. Taking the first step towards working out is daunting enough especially if your doing it on your own but remember the first time is the hardest and you will feel so glad you did it when it’s over. I do!

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