Mummy Brain

13 Sep

You know how when your pregnant and you get ‘baby brain’, then as a new mum you get so tired and so busy focusing on your baby you lose track of things…..

Thing is are you supposed to get your brain back at some point or is that a thing of the past like going out on whim without worrying about finding babysitters, or just getting in the car to pop to the shops with having to fit with car seats and kids who don’t want to go in the car seats!

I’m useless really I am, like it’s taken me over a week to remember to get Olivia some tights for school and over 2 weeks to remember to pick up a hair wrap for swimming from work, I mean I’m only there 5 days a week duh!  

As I work in retail we have a lot of re merchandising to do and I struggle to remember everything if it’s not written. 

So does it come back for some of us, all of us? Or are we destined to a lifetime of post it notes and to-do lists? Surely not every mum is as forgetful as me I really hope not but at what point do we stop blaming the children! Well for the baby brain at least 😉

Is it old age? And when does old age start? At the grand old age of *ahem* 32 am I in or past my prime. Because if it’s not old age what do I put it down too as I swear sometime I think you can see straight through my ears as nothing sticks in there seriously. My life is becoming a one big game of ‘damn I forgot’ and don’t even start me on ‘now where did I put that?’

Anyway the whole point of the little rant of mine is purely down to the fact that today I had a fab idea for a series of blogs posts but I couldn’t write them as I had to go to work. I should of used the memo pad on my phone I know, but thinking oh yeah what a good idea I won’t forget that! I have done just that and forgotten! I mean come on! 

Hopefully I will remember I’m sure of it, in about 3 weeks (usually how late I am in remembering I had a dentist appointment!)

Until then thanks for remembering to stop by 😉

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