Baby’s First Swim

14 Sep

Yesterday, me and one of my sisters decided to take her 5 month old daughter swimming. She has been before but in less than fun, for her, circumstances. Firstly public swimming school holidays in a pool with a wave machine and then on holiday neither baby orientated so this would be her first proper baby swim time just for her. 

We went to our local leisure centres as we have the invigor8 membership basically enabling us to to go free for a lot of activities for a really small monthly membership fee. 

They have various baby friendly sessions in different leisure centres but we choose Leasowe Recreational Centres Aqua Tots sessions as I had been here with my daughter at that age. 

They have 2 dedicated hours over 2 sessions with an instructor in the pool to help with any worries or issues your or your child have in the water. They have lots of different toys and water aids for you and your child to play together to get used to the water along with handy hints from the instructor. 

We sang songs and moved around the pool during the session but also with the chance to be alone and have some one on one time. 


Our baby (all our girls become all ‘our’ kids btw) loved it. First we held her to get her used to it then she had a go in the fab baby seats and we played with her pouring water on her hands and tickling her toes and she was so content it was lovely. She giggled away whist singing songs and loved being moved round in the water. 

This definitely won’t be the last time she goes so work permitting she is going to be a regular little water baby as I’m the driver I get to tag along! 

The only issue with swimming with babies is that they are STARVING as soon as you leave the pool and it’s a frantic rush to get you and them dressed before they scream the place down. There was 2 of us and we still failed lol, practice makes perfect tho hey. 

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