Booking Chaos

17 Sep

Do you go to many concerts? How hard do you find it to get decent seats? Or any seats at all? The bigger the act the harder it gets right! Ridiculous. 

I’m not sure about other countries but I find it so hard to get really good seats at concerts and find my self usually sat around the same type of area wondering how the heck did you get those seats so close!

Let me tell you a story about the last time I had to do this. 

Mr. Michael Buble!

The man,the one and only! We had been trying for years to get tickets to see him, buying them, winning them, nothing. And then there was the advert, you know the one where he slides into the o2! Well excitement was at fever pitch. I registered for o2 priority. And all we could do was wait till opening morning. 

It was all arranged. Military precision. Every last detail planned. Over dramatic I hear you think! Yeah probably but man did we need these tickets. 

The morning came, I was up and ready early. The sister came to take Olivia to school and I headed down the road to my mums house with 15 minutes to go. 

Laptop on, check

Logged on and on waiting page, check

Cup of tea, check

Bank card, check 

Log in details of anything and everything, check. 

So with a quick call to the other sister who was in charge to determine a highest price willing to pay I was all set to go



09:00 OMG!

I was off within seconds I had gotten the 3 seats I needed ready to book and damn I was out witted by verified by visa! Noooooo!

I had less than 5 mins holding time what to do, what to do! I had to ring the sister back “it’s not working I say frantically help me!” I had to reset the password completely. Phew. 

Bang, bang, bang goes the door. I flung it open “hurry up I’m busy” I scream and run back to the laptop whilst still on the phone. 

Confirm? Yes, yes, yes for gods sake confirm. 

You have just purchased purchased 3 tickets for Michael Buble July 5th in London o2 arena!


And breath!

I didn’t stop shaking for hours I was going to finally see the man himself!


And boy was he worth the wait! So much so I am going through all of this AGAIN in the morning!

So wish me luck as come March 1st 2014 I hope to be once again screaming from the crowds as Mr. Buble entertains me once again.

Do you have any hints or tips for getting excellent seats at sought after concerts? Or just a fun experience to share?

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