More Ticket Booking Chaos

18 Sep

Well if you thought the last time I bought tickets was stressful. Today’s session was WORSE!!!!!!

From the laptop not charging, not knowing how many tickets I needed to bad login details it all went horribly wrong. 

I was there, again, waiting like the last time. 

9am buy tickets

9:01 nothing matching your search!

Seriously? Are you for real? None left 


7 minutes frantically trying and nothing. 

I had to change the date, time was running out. I could feel the sweaty palms coming on it wasn’t going well. How could I get them before and not now nooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Sunday 2nd march result 3 tickets lower tier in manchester thank you god!

Ticketmaster is my nemesis it never, ever, ever gives me an easy time and today was no no exception. There I was making a whole new account, as my sisters wouldn’t work again! Quickly trying to get all the details correct before I timed out. 


Unfortunately it’s the same day as one of my nieces birthdays but we have tickets again and I know that yet again it will all be so worthwhile when I see the fabulous Michael Bublè walk out onto that stage. 

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