Water Baby

19 Sep

This week I swear I’m turning into a fish! And I created a monster!!!! And this time it’s not my child. 

Since my sister got her invigor8 pass we jumped, literally, feet first into our aqua classes. Since she has 2 slipped discs which are playing up we decided that water classes may be the best for her for now. I’ve been trying to go the gym around work and Olivia being in school but I’ve never really been a fan of classes whereas she is. 

My week ended up like this:

Monday – aqua aerobics but it got cancelled so we swam! Then swimming with Olivia and my niece. 

Tuesday – aqua aerobics, baby swim session and then an aqua jog class which was possibly the funniest class I’ve ever taken. 

Thursday – aqua plus a fabulous class tonight. 

And tomorrow we have another aqua class and a swim and aqua zumba for sunday. 

And for next week we have some step classes thrown in for good measure  

Have you ever taken an aqua class and do you think they’re as good as regular classes. 

I personally find them a lot easier than regular classes and more fun which helps doesn’t it, but the proof will be in the pudding, or lack of, when I weigh my self on sunday. 


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