The Diet Really Does Start Monday!

22 Sep

So, my previous post about diets and me having a little Rant about Slimming World, WW etc I still believe in but something has to change in you firstly before any thing will work.
It changed it happened! I wanted to stop and over haul my life I don’t want to be nearly double my healthy BMI and healthy weight target, ok slight exaggeration but I’m not far of it.
I’m 32 I don’t want to lose my 30s being overweight like the later years of my 20s.
I weighed my self thoroughly disgusted and vowed I would try whatever it took. I cut down, I went back to the gym including going to classes and generally got my backside off the sofa away from the comping and out of the house in general.
It worked I lost 3lb! Spurred on by this and by my sister joining the gym with me, I enrolled in more aqua classes took healthy lunches into work and bam, another 4lb off! Half a stone in 2 weeks take that wobbly bits! Goodbye and good riddance.
But tomorrow, tomorrow it all changes. I have been chosen to participate in a 10 week challenge that completely overhauls my entire diet (and obliterates 99% of my food intake!) and I really hope that it’s the kickstart I need to turn this overweight body of mine into something I won’t feel disgusted with when I look in the mirror everyday.
I’m under no illusions that it will be easy I imagine it may be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I have a new found determination and will to succeed.
It can be done and I will do it!
please join me in my journey for all the ups and downs and everything inbetween

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