The past that came back to haunt me!

23 Sep

So in my younger days late teens, early twenties I was a bit of a party animal. I was out all the time, I had 2 jobs and lived on my own but man could drink and I was always out! Always!
Thursdays,Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I was that girl the drunk one I’m afraid to say who had a few indiscretions shall we say along the way.
Now don’t get me wrong it was fun, the hangovers made work more bearable and I met some great people along the way but when you grow up and grow out of that lifestyle you kind of want to leave most of it behind really.
I know I did.
I met someone and had Olivia, I learned to drive and slowly became a grown up and the past became the good old days, you know your getting old when that phrase comes out!
So here I am at the ripe old age of 32 enjoying my little life and job and bam!
Hello my past what are you doing in my office in work?
yep there he was a very big part of the life I left behind joining our little shop on in the same position as me!
I know right! What the heck?
If this karmas why of paying me back I get it and it’s not funny.
This man knows so much stuff about the old me that I don’t want coming out it literally has me shaking in my work trainers!
The thing to learn from my sad little tale is your MUM is ALWAYS right!
Always and you really can’t hide from your past!
So when your mum says not to do something may later regret have a think and ask your self how mortified am I going to be at a later point in my life if this comes out!

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