Mid Week Check Up

25 Sep

So 3 days in how’s it going?
Actually despite my constant moaning and bitching and generally being a huge drama queen, it’s going well.
I’ll admit that diet plan scared the sh*t out of me at first but I vowed to try everything except eggs. I just can’t even compromise on that no eggs end of!
im still getting kind of hungry at times but not because of the meals and portion size but because of my life, whether it be work or my sister having a baby yesterday things just don’t always go as planned but I’ve persevered and these are my initial thoughts.
I like salmon! Who knew!
Not fussed on asparagus but edible
Also not a huge fan of plain low fat Greek yoghurt but again I can stomach it but do you want to know the best thing.
I have not at all, not once craved chocolate!
not since my choccy craving hit me when I was pregnant have I ever been able to go 3 whole days without the stuff! I genuinly craved it I would go mad until I got some and boy could I go through it. Now don’t get me wrong I still could demolish a family size bar of choc but I’m not feeling the need for it right now. I’m not missing it. I don’t really need and I love not needing the mid afternoon, oh who am I kidding, whole day chocolate pick me up!
However my love for all things processed is still with me. I nearly pounced on my neice for her chicken nuggets earlier and had to console myself with my tuna salad and don’t even start me about the 10 inch pizza, meat feast obv, I wanted driving past the kebab house on the way home from a double workout session. Step aerobics and water aerobics.
It’s getting easier and tomorrow I up my intake of the T5 tablets so I’m hoping I have an amazing weight loss as the sheer amount and types of food I’ve eliminated all ready is amazing and so far it’s not too hard really

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