It’s a Boy!

29 Sep

I’m sat here writing this with my brand new nephew!
We are so excited! ‘we don’t do boys’ has been our family motto for so long we are all still in shock that we actually do have a blue one.
I have 3 sisters and between us 4 daughters.
Me, I have Olivia as you know
N, has Ellie and Alicia
J, has Kealeigh-Jo and now Jaidan Lucas
My youngest sister is yet to have kids, she works in a nursery and that is enough for her for now.
So now you can see why we are all super excited to finally have a boy!
Especially my mum! She has had the longest wait.
She married my dad in 1980 and I came along in ’81 so it’s been a long wait for her to get her boy.
She was told that her youngest was a boy but nope a little girl she was.
She once pointed out in a magazine that women married to butchers are more likely to have boys!
My dad was a butcher!
Mabe not then!
I do wonder why it took so long for the all elusive boy to join our family. Maybe it’s just one of those things, and this could be the start of more little boys in our family, or maybe if there are to be anymore children he will remain the one and only boy?
Only time will tell, but until then I’m sure he will be spoilt and loved just as much as the rest of kids.
Welcome to our crazy little family Jaidan, I wish you lots of love (and luck!)

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