Parent and Child Rant!

03 Oct

One of major pet peeves is parent and child spaces and disabled spaces being abused. 

Honestly I absolutely hate it! They’re there for a reason for specific people who need them!

First let me get the disabled parking space issue out of the way. If you park there as you are too damn lazy to walk shame on you! Completely disgusting and so selfish I can’t even comprehend why you would do, but next time it’s raining or its cold or whatever think about the kind of person you depriving of that space and how you would feel if they done it to you!

Now onto you people Who park in parent and child spaces with NO child! Why? It’s closer? It’s a bigger space? What reason do you have?

Whatever it is isn’t good enough! 

Today I went out with my sister and my 5 month old niece to a local Tesco. It’s was windy and miserable so I naturally went to the parent and child spaces. I don’t usually bother as Olivias 7 and on a booster seat we don’t really need that space but today we did. 

These spaces are designed so parents/carers/grandparents can easily take young children out of their car seats with the doors fully open and room to manoeuvre them into a pram or trolley with out possibly damaging someone else’s car or putting the child in dangers way.

It is not easy to do this in a standard parking space and as by law children have to be in a car seat parent and child spaces make things so much easier.

So you can imagine how annoyed I was walking back through the car park having not been able to secure a parent and child space to see not one but two, yes TWO single adults pulling out of these spaces, one on a phone!, with no sign of a child or car seat/booster in sight.

I mean how selfish are you? Or is it ignorance? Either way please think about your actions you are only saving yourself a few seconds walk across the car park for an ordinary space!

I do wonder what reasons are used, or actually would be used if abuse of these spaces was monitored. Would people admit it’s because they’re too lazy? Inconsiderate? Selfish? 

What do you think?

Rant over……… for now anyway





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