I swear……..

08 Oct

I’m holding my hands up. I’m an awful swearer. I’m so bad and as I work in retail, I’m constantly watching what I say hoping nothing slips out accidentally. 

Despite this tho, Olivia’s never been one to copy me. She knows now and has done for a long time that mummy says naughty words and not to copy. I thought it was best to instill this in her as sometimes I don’t even realise I’m doing it. I do try to stop my self and substitute for other words, damn and for the love of god or good old tongue biting are my favourites. But sometimes it just doesn’t stop me. 

When Olivia was back in F1 doing afternoons, I had to begrudgingly get rid of our car. I had not long been a single mum and the finance was crippling me. Back then it was a 30 minute walk with a 4 year old who just didn’t want to walk anywhere at all. 

One day I was having an off day, I kept forgetting stuff I needed. So we would leave and I would remember something and have to go back into the flat where we lived at the time. 5 times I done this and Olivia, having had enough of me exclaimed “for f**ks sake mummy will you just hurry up!”

Well, hmm…… I was so stunned, this was first time she had swore and boy was it not only the right context but I think I totally deserved it! Needless to say she never got told off but it still makes me laugh to this day. 

There are occasions when I know she has wanted to say a word or she has and mutters it knowing it’s wrong, but how can I tell her off when it’s me she gets it off. 

Tonight’s sleep talking ended up with “well just f*** off them will you!” I really hope it wasn’t me she was talking to in her dreams!

For now though I’m going to try even harder to change my language for the better and not turn the air blue quite so much. One day I may end up with a little mini swearer on my hands and ill have no one to blame but myself!


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2 responses to “I swear……..

  1. jo smith

    October 10, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Watch a bit of Spongebob, they have EXCELLENT variations for swear words!! That’s all I use now – to the amusement of my work colleagues but the horror of my Son *without actually having done/said anything wrong!*
    Here are my fave two….
    1. What the Barnacles???
    2. Mother of Pearl!

  2. choccyaddict

    October 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    i get mine off the disney channel lol, its all thats ever on in my house!


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