If found please return too………

08 Oct

So far beginning of my 3rd week of this 10 week challenge I still haven’t found the energy im severely lacking. People seem to be at a loss  as to why as well. I’m taking the 2 T5’s a day as I should and trying as much as possible to eat the exact foods on the diet plan and still im drained most days. 

Let me talk you through a typical week for me. 

I work about 30ish hours a week over 5 days at the moment with shift patterns like 12-9 then back in 7-4 the next day, this week I’ve been in every day since last friday and my next day off isn’t till friday this week. It’s draining!

As I’m also a single mum all housework, shopping, etc is my responsibility so any time around work I need to make sure school uniforms/work uniforms are washed, school books read, packed lunches, pe kits etc are ready for when they need to be. I also have to arrange overnight childcare for when I have shifts like I’ve mentioned above. 

So….. any extra free time I’m putting in to working out. I have set exercises to do 3 times a week and I also go with my sister, chief babysitter, to as many aqua classes as we can go to AND I also take Olivia and my niece swimming if I can after school. This I done tonight and I whilst they were playing I managed to fit in a 20 min HIIT swimming session which was much needed! 

And stop…….

So you can see that I’m on the verge of giving bears a run for their money in the whole sleeping/hibernation thing they have going on.

Priory here I come! I kid you not.

But today, today was bliss. I had an afternoon to my self, home from work by half 12 (7am start), after school tennis club on till 4.20pm and my sister taking over my mum’s sofa. So I made my dinner and plonked my self in front of the TV for repeats of Hawaii Five-O and NCIS:LA! Heaven!

Yes you guessed it I fell asleep at 1.30pm in the afternoon on the sofa! Even the beautiful cast of my 2 favourite shows couldn’t keep my eyes open and I stayed like that till 3 o’clock. 

I totally must of needed it I felt so refreshed that I even done a bit more housework, well till The Big Bang Theory came on, who doesn’t love Sheldon, then I was off the school my day over. 

I’m currently looking into ways to give myself that extra boost of energy I need that don’t interfere with my diet, I’m not too sure Relentless’ Orange Crush is ideal so ill keep looking. 

Any handy tips or suggestions would be more than welcome. 

P.S. Current progress update

Losses of:

3in off bust

2in off waist

2in off hips

1.5 off thighs and biceps

And a big smile that can’t be wiped of my face as I order my work shirt in a SMALLER size! 


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2 responses to “If found please return too………

  1. jo smith

    October 10, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    What about pro plus to give you that boost?


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