Naturally Radiant

08 Oct


Now, I’m not a beauty blogger. I’m rubbish at doing my make up, generally too tight to pay out for the ‘good’ stuff incl make up brushes and very rarely stick to the one brand and/or specific type of anything. 

But…. I do have to be really careful as to what creams go on my face. Foundations are not a problem at all but cleansers, moisturisers etc are a huge problem. 

I have the most awful sensitive and dry skin on my face. My nose, mainly around the nostril area and my t-zone across my forehead are the worst. And on top of this I have the reddest cheeks that no amount of corrective crams can sort out, well I’m sure the ones in excess of my budget could but anyway, it’s not the best platform to work with. 

I have tried so many in the past:

Avons hydrating cream- burnt my face and I had to take a trip to the docs

E45- fine for a while but not really suitable

Simple Derma Range not a big help. 

I also had reactions to Aldi’s Lacura range!

So on the verge of resigning myself to dodgy skin forever, one day I took a walk into Superdrug to have a look at their offers and got chatting to one of the girls who works there. 

“Well” she said “we have this new range in and which? Magazine have voted it one of the best skincare ranges out there, better than some of the really expensive ones!”

“Really” I said “is it suitable for extremely sensitive and dry skin?”

“Oh yes, it’s really gentle and made with fruit extracts and (my favourite part!) it’s on offer at half price as it’s new out. 

So off I went to the shelf for a little nosey and there it was Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Range. Everyrhing from moisturisers to wash cloths and bits in between. Being a pretty basic/lazy girl in the whole skincare routine thing I plumped for the brightening day cream in normal to dry with spf 15, brightening radiance balm and brightening micro polish, no more dull skin for me!

Well almost instantly my skin was so much better and clearer and easier to apply makeup to. My skin felt soft and supple, hydrated and healthy all day! Well colour me shocked I’ve actually found something I think is going to be a constant staple for my skin care. 

The best part is as it’s Superdrug’s own range it’s always going to be instore when I go in and it’s going to be a reasonable price. All items around the £5 to £7 mark, but me being the cheapskate that I am, I always stock up when they have their regular half price offers on. 

Used once a day, never been one for night creams, I get about a month out of the 75ml tub of day cream, up to 6 weeks for the radiance balm not used every day, and longer out of the micro polish as you only use it once or twice a week. I did use it every day at first but found myself with lots of spots so twice a week maximum for me now. 

I love this stuff and I hope it’s a staple on the shelves for a long time. 


I bought these products myself and all opinions are my own. 

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