Parents Evening

11 Oct

It’s that time of year, halfway through the first term, time for parents evening. 

Call me sceptical but I’m not even sure Olivias Teacher has had enough time with her new class to be able to thoroughly asses each and every one or has anything different to tell us than the previous teacher. And I know for a fact she doesn’t know who I am as I’m not one of those mum’s who NEEDS to speak to the teacher every day! Yes we have those mum’s. The ones who keep the teacher and whole class in the playground to speak to the teacher before the start of the day about their precious darling regardless of the weather. 

The thing is I still have the same issues as I had last having been fobbed off by last year’s teacher. 

Olivias reading is excellent she loves reading and is so fluent, reading with expression and interest but she still spells as she says the words. She could read a word on a page but if you ask her to spell it she can’t. Is that normal? I’m not too sure really myself but she doesn’t seem to be getting any better so this will be point one I need to make to the teacher, who I hope knows which Olivia im talking about and is my child. 

Personally I feel like maybe teachers should get a little bit more time with their class before parents evening but that’s just me, get to know the children personally, this would help things like, making sure Olivia keeps her glasses on ALL day and doesn’t let her leave them in her tray!

She is blind in one for gods sake but she doesn’t this and has never asked her to keep them on. She has 20/20 vision in one eye but only blurry vision in the other. Glasses help correct this and she has done so well with correcting her sight as we didn’t find out till she was 4. Up until then she never used that eye and surprisingly there is no turn in her eye but she needs the glasses to encourage the eye to work so all the hard work isn’t undone. 

I know I should talk to the teacher but with all the other parents needing her attention and my not being there all the time due to work but also if a child wears glasses surely the teacher should be noticing if they have taken them off or is it too much now with the increased class size?

Any way back to my original point do you think maybe we should leave the assessment of our child’s education until the person assessing them has actually been given the time to get to know them? Or do you like to know as soon as possible how they’re doing in school?

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