Week 4

14 Oct

So, week 4 started really badly! I got the diet and exercise plan on friday and ive been looking forward to it all weekend and it was too much. I fell off the wagon, big time!

I don’t know I just don’t know why?

I can’t go into details I feel so bad, by bad I actually mean ill not just guilty. But silver lining is…….. remember how awful I feel right now just remember. it’s just not worth it any more. I’m doing so well I’ve hit the stone loss mark, the inches are dropping off me it’s going ever so well. 

The positives im taking from today are that I managed to tidy Olivias room! I’ll be waiting for my hardwork to be undone now, kids, pfft! I done a fabulous aqua class today full body workout, I done my HIIT swim session and watched Olivia try so hard to swim with no armbands on! 

And, I managed to squeeze in my required at home workouts for the day! Damn it was hard im in agony right now in bed! 

So all in all, yes I fell off the diet wagon but I still stuck to my exercise and workout regime and I learnt a valuable lesson and was able to reign myself back in. The damage may be done but it’s not the end of the world and hard work and determination will prevail. 

So until next check in wish me luck and will power and cross anything that will cross 😉

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