Are you living your dream?

16 Oct

I’m 32 and I can honestly say the life I am living now is not quite the one I thought I would be! This isn’t going to be a miserable post before you stop reading, well I don’t plan on it being that way so apologies if it does. 

I’ve not have a bad life but I’ve not exactly made the best choices at times. 

I dropped out of sixth form and started my working career just shy of my 17th birthday in Home Bargains. I am currently back, not still, working here not everyone’s cup of tea but I like retail is my niche. 

With too many jobs to even try to remember and nothing really impressive in my career to date im staying put here as a lead sales assistant until Olivia is old enough for me to forward my career with the company. 

What got me thinking about this is actually a conversation I had with someone at work. Her dad has just married the girl who was my best friend during those rough teenage years! We had so much fun and learnt a lot together but sadly grew apart once ‘real life’ kicked in. Being the same age I realised she had actually done the things she said she would in life. Not great ambitions by any means but her ambitions. Own a pub- check, get married around her birthday- check, have red on her wedding dress-check and also have a few children big check. So really she’s living her dream she’s done what she wanted to do, whether it’s all she hoped it would be is for her to say, maybe I’ll find out if I pop into the pub to say hi sometime soon she said she would love me to and I think I would too!

Another friend whom I worked with in the early Home Bargain days was actually a girl from school who I knew of but never really became friends with until I worked with her. She passed her driving test at 17 (me 25!), went to evening classes, worked abroad and got a career working with children. She always had a fabulous life plan set out and amazingly it all panned out for her. Again recently married with the son and daughter she wanted she has a great little life which has included buying her own home on her own and making it hers before starting a family. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my friends even tho I don’t see them too much these days and I’m not jealous at all im happy for them. No im not living the life I planned but I’m still happy and more importantly I have Olivia and for that I wouldn’t change a single moment. 

So rather than dwelling on what might of been had I lived my life plan im living my life, doing things my way and building a future for the two of us

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