Remember When…..

19 Oct

9.40pm it’s a Saturday night and I’m in from work all comfy and cosy on the sofa X Factors on and I’m not far from asleep. 

Rewind 10 years ago and wow, what a completely different story.

Music was on, loud, wine was flowing and I would of been well on my way to a fab night out! 

Picture the scene, 1 bedroomed first floor flat and 2 girls sharing one mirror. Well that’s if we were lucky if I remember rightly there was usually more of us. Various bottles of anything and everything alcoholic desperately trying to apply makeup whilst on the phone checking who was out, in and where the hell are we going tonight??????

Money was tight so forget the pub crawl everyone round to mine instead! We had so much fun before we even went anywhere but the night just had to end on the dancefloor.  Meeting everyone in the same place in the local nightclub that our parents before us had visited in earlier years. Loads of us one big group of friends out for a good time blowing off steam on a Saturday night and dancing till we couldn’t stand up, resulting in that all too familiar walk home in bare feet!

Some weeks the party would go on untill the sun came up just drunkenly chatting about any random thing we could think of then spending sunday in bed of comatose in front of the TV. I’m not a big sleeper when I’ve been drinking, due to drinking too much water before bed and being woken up by the resulting bladder alarm! So I would drag myself round the shop for a sunday rag to read myself back to sleep in the afternoon, well that was if I didn’t have to work (hungover opening an off license is not fun :0!)

Oh those were the days I had so much fun but now, oh no! Just the thought of having to drag my sorry backside into the shower after a Saturday at work just fills me with dread! Give me my sofa and the X factor any day. Oh how times change and as fun as those delightfully drunken days were, me and my sofa are happy the way we are! Well, until our area managers night out at the end of November that is when hopefully I will manage to sort myself out get my glad rags on, don’t I sound like my mum!, have have a fabulous night out. 

So if your reading this with a hangover I hope it was totally worth it and you had a fabulous night. If your reading this nodding along and agreeing with me when the hell did we get so old………

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