24 Oct

Do you or have you ever watched catfish on MTV? The channel that was a music channel but then forgot to put music on it and ended up a channel dedicated to pure car crash TV! Americans at their worst and the most classiest brits they could find!

Incase you haven’t, Catfish is a series it’s presenters travelling around the great USA helping people to meet the person they have talking to online. 

Borne from a documentary following one of the presenters Nev Schulman as he met a woman he fell in love with online. She wasn’t who she portrayed to be online and it was all caught on film by his brother and his filmmaking partner Max. 

And Catfish the TV show was born. I love it! Americans professing their love for someone they have never met and willing to reveal all for their 15 minutes of fame, but OMG! Is it addictive! I can’t get enough and I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV at all. 

I fall for the story, hoping, sometimes against all odds, that it will all turn out for the best. This rarely happens I have only seen it twice (unless I’ve missed an episode) most recently with Lauren and Derek who had been chatting online for 8 years. It was a happy ending to their online romance and are currently making things work from different states. 

But when it goes wrong boy, does it go wrong! Girls pretending to be boys, girls just flat out lying about who they are and basically just people doing it to be mean. One girl making up a male character just to keep another girl away from a man they were BOTH dating! Because a man like that is a keeper!

Apart from being addictive TV, it shows how desperate people are to just find love, to find someone who will love them unconditionally for who they are regardless of their faults. 

People who are so desperately unhappy with everything they are, they make up a completely different alter ego as a self esteem booster.  

What a sad lonely place that must be to try to replace who you are with someone completely different and to be that desperately lonely that the only person who can make you actually feel anything is someone who is no more than words on a screen. 

In a virtual world anything goes secrets are revealed and we can turn ourselves into almost anything we wish, which for many is completely harmless escapism but when your messing with someone’s feelings when is it too far! And how do you let yourself totally believe 100% that this other person is the person you couldn’t find in real life?

Call me old fashioned and/or cynical, but surely an online friend/lover is just a fictional person until you have actually met until you meet them, see them, then they become real as if you only chat online or text they’re no more real to you than a character in a film or book. 

Unfortunately this is a sad way for people to prey on the vulnerable, the lonely, the desperate. For them to toy with people’s affections or worse. Whether its chat rooms, dating sites, forums and social networking sites, we all need to be on our guard and extremely cautious when it comes to meeting new people online. 

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