Mid Point of my 10 Week Challenge

25 Oct

Bad week, really really bad week. 

We had a change of tablets from monday and the cravings have been horrendous! The diet was not The best for me. It also came with horrible work rotas and half term! Disaster. 

It was red week, red grapefruit and cranberries just couldn’t do it. I’ve been willing to try many new things on this diet but I really didn’t enjoy anything this week except today’s spinach and broccoli meals, I mean who gets excited to eat broccoli lol, me that who haha. Oh an quinoa my new favourite food, with honey and Raisons it’s delicious.  

Also I’ve had 2 birthdays and with Olivia being off school no exercise at all except for some at home exercises so all in all not a good one for me. 

Plus side no weight gain or inch gain stayed the same so I’m more than happy with that this week. 

I’m hoping for a better food week next week and I will go all out exercise and everything, but we have just found out we are getting slendertone abs belts to help us out. I am so excited to try this out I have wanted one for so long now and I’m really hoping it helps tone my abs as this is where I carry most of my weight. 

So in a nutshell that’s my week. It’s been a pretty bad one and hopefully I’ll be back on track on monday! 

Until next time…………..


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2 responses to “Mid Point of my 10 Week Challenge

  1. Joanna Smith (@carsonsmummy)

    October 25, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    a bad week is a good week when you look at it – really! It means you’ll work extra hard next week 🙂

    ps. I LOVE BROCCOLI, but never tasted quinoa (??)!

    • choccyaddict

      October 25, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      It’s a good week in that I never gained but it’s a better diet next week so I’m all raring to go now! You should try it it’s like a crunchy porridge! It’s my new thing now with salmon that will stay in my diet. I love broccoli too I would eat it with anything and spinach quite sad to be getting so excited to eat spinach lol


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