Stormy Sunday

26 Oct

So we’ve all heard the weather reports. Upto 90mph wind, rain battering the country, St Jude is on its way. Gearing up to be a worse storm than the one in 1987, I would of been 6 so I don’t really remember it but it was by all accounts horrendous. 

So….. what are you doing to prepare for St Jude? are you preparing or do you think it’s all being blown out of proportion. Pffft just a bit of wind and rain don’t know what all the fuss is about. 

Now I struck it lucky I finished work at 4pm today, Saturday, and I’m off till monday 4pm 48 hours off work especially amazing as I hate driving in strong winds as my little car just takes off being blown around the motorway like nothing more than a scrap of paper! It’s the last day of half term for us and ive not really seen Olivia due to work. 

So what do we have planned you ask. 

Kitted out in her onesie a funky black number with gold sunglasses from asda and a sleep one with feet in and tiger ears on her hood from primark me in my comfy gym clobber, whereabouts unknown possibly charity shop findings! We have spent the night in front of the TV, X Factor on with pizza chocolate and drinks just chillaxing as she would say. But tomorrow it’s all on. 

Sunday brings an early morning tidy session, despised activity but unfortunately needed desperately, then a first for me I’m baking a cake! Me baking! This is massive for me I ruin, yes ruin, packet fairy cake mixes! A good housewife I ain’t! I picked up a Betty Crocker chocolate swirl cake mix in work today and a cake tin to bake it in and weather permitting the nieces will be helping out too. For other activities I picked up some crafty bits from work on my way out, Home Bargains Top Brands Bottom Prices, even truer with 10% off ;). Transfer sheets 10 packs for £1, Disney Princess Crown Kits just £1.99. And a later trip to asda resulted in begrudgingly buying paper, post it notes, craft glue and other cheap bits and bobs for the ladies to cut, stick, colour, glue, and create some fabulous masterpieces for our fridge doors.  

So all in all a busy little day planned out and I may even get out to get my diet food for the week in incase im rendered housebound for a while, well till I go to school on monday morning!

Now I know all about how best laid plans go awry but I’m hoping to have a lovely lazy day around the house in between. 

So whatever you have planned for our forthcoming storm enjoy and make the most of it if your stuck indoors with kids as these are the times that stick with them what they remember the fun times at home the day they………. please fill the blanks with all the fun you can handle. 

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