28 Oct

I always tell my daughter to stop worrying about what others are doing and concentrate on what she needs to do, I also use this line in work too. And I used this advice to help me to go to the gym on my own. It’s something I repeat to myself whilst I’m there, just concentrate on what you need to do ignore everyone else. 

This mantra was used to its full extent today. In the gym. With gritted teeth. 

My old “friend” the girl who looks down her nose at me and makes comments about me was there today and unfortunately I had to, or rather wanted to use the machine next to the one she was using. Deep breath, music on, and I was ready complete with a smile on my face!

She is the person you dread in the gym, the size 8 gym bunny who spends just as much time sneering and laughing at what others are doing as much as she works out. The one who has to be centre of attention look how flexible I am, that kind of thing. Btw I too can touch my toes, that ain’t showing off!

So side by side on the cross trainers, me with my baggy top hair scrapped back ready to go, her with a face full of make up on and false eyelashes???? I started my HIIT. She was already there I could see she had been there for 10 mins from her display, not sweaty out of breath or anything!

So off I went 1 min as slow as I want and 1 min as fast as I could go. It took me 10 mins to finally get out of breath enough to attract attention but I could see her watching me but I didn’t give her the satisfaction of my attention I just stayed focused on what I needed to do! After 20 mins I left her there still unsweaty or out of breath, me on the other hand I looked and felt like I had had a long gruelling workout which is the beauty of HIIT. 

I don’t know why people feel the need to do that to other people in the gym. We are after all there for the same reason regardless of shape or size or intention. I feel quite bad for her having to act like towards complete strangers. Is it a lack of self confidence? Or is she quite simply a Bitch? Whatever her reason she won’t put me off I will continue to go and work hard until I reach my goal however long it takes. 

But let me tell you this. My body shape may change but who I am won’t and I will never intentionally make anyone feel as uncomfortable as she purposely does to me. 

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