No Pain No Gain

29 Oct

This week has started well back on my diet and I’ve thrown myself into my exercise routine with enthusiasm even tho its only Tuesday! Partly to make up for a lack of exercise last week and mainly so I can have a catch up with an old work colleague and occasional gym partner. 

Having been on the aqua class trail and teaching myself and my daughter to swim I’ve kind of neglected the gym. Using swimming to do my HIIT sessions and doing my required exercises in the kitchen to One Direction I have missed going to the gym. 

Yesterday saw me doing a 45 min aqua class with weights and water accessories before hitting the gym for my 20 min HIIT on the cross trainer. I followed this up with my 100 squat challenge, super easy to do and super hard to walk the next day = a fab workout! I then decided to go for a swim before heading home to get ready for my work. 

I have been prepared for all my meals and really enjoying the detox soups and smoothies thus far. 

Today started with an early 4 hour shift in work and I was in the gym by half 11. This gave me chance to try something different with my T5’s. Usually I take them before my meals as I exercise late morning or evening, but today I took my second T5 just before I left work giving it the required 30 minutes needed before exercise and I was intrigued to see how it would affect my performance in the gym!

I was so sore from Mondays workout so I wasn’t expecting to be able to do all that much, how wrong I was! My 20 min HIIT session passed without struggling to complete it, even pushing myself harder than I have before. Maximum effort for maximum results! I joined my friend over in the free weight area with some hand weights, a medicine ball, a kettlebell and our phones to provide us with some effective exercises. Taking 10 mins to do some arm weights to banish those bingo wings, we utilised some moves we learnt in a kettlecise class finishing off with sit ups using the 5kg medicine ball. But we didn’t stop there, well for a little natter and a breather we did before I started my 10 min abs exercises this wasn’t easy after all we had done but I finished them super proud of myself! Then came some instagram pictures resulting in some more planks, side planks and a few stretching yoga moves. 

It was then it happened I came over all hot and clammy and that nausea feeling rose in my stomach! Exit please. 

I have heard about people pushing themselves that far but never actually done it myself until today. What a horrible feeling but boy did I feel so good my body felt amazing for what I had done even tho it was exhausted and aching, so we made plans for thursday to it all over again. Wednesday being my rest day in theory anyway. I have an aqua class so nothing too strenuous but exercise all the same, it’ll be my 3rd one this week as I also done a class this afternoon. Glutton for punishment or what!

So early night for me before another early start tomorrow, it’s going to be a good week I can just feel it!

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