Winter Wardrobe

05 Nov

It’s the time of year where I need to go and see what clothes Olivia has suitable for the colder weather that actually fit her. This girl grows so fast I actually can’t keep up, she was at one point a year behind my eldest niece so I could take her hand-me-downs. They’re now in the same sizes pretty much despite the 17 month age gap so it is becoming pretty expensive to keep up. 

Last year I kept it simple with shorts, leggings and tights. With tops layered for added warmth. This look is great for boots and comfy too as she finds jeans a little restrictive. 

I have a tenancy to buy in the previous years sales, Tesco’s have some pretty great end of season sales I get a lot of clothes and stuff for the home at great prices. Luckily neither of us are pretty bothered about the latest styles although if I see something I really like I will pay full price. Living on a small budget I have to try to be as economical as possible so Olivia doesn’t have an extensive wardrobe unless my sisters go on a Next sale shopping spree! Trust me these can be quite regular occurances! 

Luckily this year Olivias dad seems to be keen to help so I will be comprising a list of items she needs but ultimately he usually ends up letting her pick the style herself with many varying results, white patent doc martin style boots appeared after one particular shopping trip along with 2 pairs of the same style black shoe! I really would prefer the money myself but as he’s willing to pay I don’t want to be too pushy as to what he should be buying. 

So, what to buy for this year that is the question. H&M have some lovely clothes this year at reasonable prices and excellent quality I could spend an absolute fortune in there as could I in Matalan too. I want the whole range in Olivias size. 

This year I think as well as carrying on the shorts theme she is big into dresses. Any style. Inappropriate sparkly party dresses being her favourite style at the moment. 

I think I will be making sure she gets a lovely big thick arran knit cardie or jumper. Although she has taken to leisure wear in a big way so maybe a zip through hoodie for around the house. This will go well with the bargain 2 pairs for 2 pound leisure bottoms and tshirts I got from Primark, who as well have some lovely pieces for winter. 

Whatever I decide to top up her wardrobe with in the coming weeks im sure I will be completely spoilt for choice and broke after I’ve finished. 

What about me you ask, well I as usual will be living in whatever fits me or I can find knocking about in my size on a sale rail somewhere, if not a charity shop bargain! Or failing that a miracle competition win 😉

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