11 Nov

For about 4 years now I have had a recurring ear problem. Labyrinthitis. It is caused by an infection and affects the inner ear labyrinths which control your balance and changed in head movements. It can be caused by a few different factors including colds/flu, extreme stress, infections or allergies to name a few. 

For me im not too sure what triggered the initial attack but it was quite severe. I was in the bath and remember feeling like everything was spinning and all I could think was I need to get out of this bath as quick as possible. Next thing my alarm was going off for work and I woke up asleep on the sofa wearing just my towel! I was so scared I didn’t know what was happening but worse to come was the constant feeling of nausea and unsteadiness on my feet. 

I took myself off to the docters and was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis. Since then I get about 2 really bad episodes a year with random bouts of dizziness in between. I have been told that unfortunately it’s just something I am susceptible to. 

There are many different symptoms to labyrinthitis many I felt but didn’t realise were associated with it. One of my longest episodes I actually passed out in work and during the 8 weeks it stayed for I felt out of breath, lethargic and weak. I was also short tempered and irratable along with the accompanying nausea, dizziness and earache. And I had to work through it all. I was lucky I didn’t have to go on bed rest with it. 

I have had it again recently and as I work in a shop it’s very stressful. It’s so busy and I have to try to negotiate the aisles and customers and having these symptoms it can be quite distressing at times. I feel like I’m not actually walking on the floor and I have to concentrate on walking and on keeping in a straight line! When serving on a till with moving your head from side to side I get really nauseous feeling like at times someone is physically pushing me over. It also affects my temper as well as I’m trying so hard to concentrate I can’t process anything else that is going on. 

I do have medication for this but as it comes on suddenly it isn’t always controlled. 

I feel like not enough people are aware of this condition and look at me like I’m making it up or worse still I just have a hangover or im drunk as the symptoms resemble this. It’s a very isolating condition as you look perfectly fine but only you know what is happening to you and no one can see what is going on. And as it can be long and drawn out people lose patience. 

I found a lot of information at . I hope this post help you or someone you know who is suffering from these symptoms. 

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