2 Weeks Left!

15 Nov

Tonight I’m happy! I’m not sure how I managed it but I only have 2 weeks left of my 10 Week Challenge and I’m still losing weight. The fact that I’ve lasted this long is a feat in itself, that I’m inspired to go all out for the next 2 weeks just simply amazing!  

I have had the best time doing this even tho I didn’t think so at the start and I even tho I’m excited to finish the 10 weeks I’m a tad nervous as to what will happen after I finish. 

As I have mentioned in a previous post I have had a bad bout of Labyrinthitis forcing me to drastically cut back on any exercises in the gym and swimming. Unfortunately it’s also affected my diet. I have been having evening munchies and really struggling of a night when I finish work at 9pm. 

So…… when I weighed myself tonight after aqua zumba I was amazed and delighted that I had actually lost weight! 1lb! A small amount but a loss non the less. There have been no inch losses this fortnight but no gain either so big plus there.  

I think that in the past fortnight I’ve hit that ‘wall’. The one were your body plays tricks on you telling you that you really do need that takeaway followed by that family size bar of chocolate. And trust me it’s so easy to give in to that mindset and fall back into old habits. The key is to find that determination, look at why you wanted to do this in the first place and never lose sight of what you have already achieved be it 1lb or more. You have already made it this far. I think of it like my 20 minute HIIT session on the cross trainer. It’s coming up to 15 minutes and I’m thinking I can’t make 20. I take it minute by minute I encourage myself, talk myself into it and grit my teeth. Losing weigh is kind of the same. Take it day by day. See what happens. Did you fall off the wagon? So what tomorrow you can try all over again. One slip up isn’t the end of all your hard work you just need to dust yourself off and carry on from your last good point no biggie! 

This is what has gotten me through this week perseverance, determination and a good dollop of will power.

Are you on a diet? Lifestyle change? How are you finding it and what helps you on your bad days? Any help ideas will be more than welcome please let me know how your journey is going too 

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