Smarty Pants

15 Nov

So I was having a chat with Olivia a few days ago and she and me me an odd question. 

“Why do I call you mummy?’

Erm well because I’m your mum…..

“Yeah I know that, but why?”

What do you mean?

“Well im your daughter but you call me Olivia. Why don’t you call me daughter? Why can’t I call you Tracey?”

I can call you daughter if you like!

“No mum, I mean Tracey why do I have to who started it and why do we do it?

No comment! I was honestly well and truly stumped. She’s got a point really hasn’t she. Can’t really argue with her logic!

“So if I just call you Tracey you can call me Olivia”

No you can call me mum and ill call you Olivia!

“No Tracey im going to keep on calling you Tracey. I know your my mum I just don’t want to call you mum now” 

Ok well ill call you daughter then till you start calling me mum!

In true Olivia style she had totally forgotten by morning and is now back to calling me mum or rather whining in that long drawn out whine that kids have mastered so well and use to chip away at your tiny shred of sanity!

From the mouths of babes………

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