Call me old fashioned but……..

19 Nov

The age old problem of what to get children for christmas. How to get them enough without being spoilt, how not to disappoint and how to stop it being to commercial! 

One I’ve been fighting with for a few years now is technology or not?

This is my opinion and how I personally feel about it. Please feel free to comment on your views on children and technology. 

Olivia is 7 and a half now. 8 in March and so far ive been trying to resist all the gadgets and computer games whereas her dad is all for it! As we aren’t together anymore I can tell him I don’t want her to have certain things but I cant actually stop him buying things for her. This year he is planning on getting her either a nexus or windows tablet! I repeat she is 7! Finding it hard to come up with a reason for her to be having one. Yes I know it’s the age we live in and most of our lives depend on or are based around the Internet be it our mobiles, laptops, tablets etc and children will need these skills far more than a lot of us do now. But why do they need these things of their own? 

At home I have a laptop, wifi, blackberry smartphone and a kindle fire, so she has the technology available for her to use if she needs to, she is also much more adept at using them than I am too!

They also have tablets and computers at school for her to use, failing that this is also in abundance at her dad’s! So im thinking it’s maybe an expensive way being too lazy to think of proper presents to entertain her. 

So onto what I think young children should be getting for christmas. 

Children’s imaginations should be encouraged, creativity allowed accompanied by mess and fun. Out door toys dressing up should be made available, after all they do grow up too fast these days and they have all their teenage years to be glued to a tablet or games console in their rooms. 

This year, as previous years, Olivia is all about the dolls. Not baby dolls, the barbie type dolls. Barbie, bratz, Moxie, Monster High, Teen beach Movie and so on. She is also a lover of games, monopoly is her favourite currently owning 3 versions! And anything craft related. 

Her main presents are a set of Big Sister Little Sister Dolls (as I won’t give her a real life baby sister!), a new scooter that sparks, Frankie Stein Doll, Cabbage Patch Doll, a large Bratz Doll amongst others.  

I love seeing her playing make believe with her dolls and dressing up. Playing mum with her babies and drawing me so many pictures and collages. With this in mind I aim to keep buying her toys actual toys that she can play with that encourage her to be a child just like me and my sisters did and as will my nieces too. 

What will your children be getting this year? Do you agree with me or you happy to buy all the latest gadgets?

Just to let you know Olivia has an iPod touch, ds console, and a wii most of which hardly get used and mainly remain at her dad’s again reinforcing my resistance to her having her own top of the range tablet!

Spoilt is an understatement don’t you agree!




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2 responses to “Call me old fashioned but……..

  1. Taswegian1957

    November 30, 2013 at 9:49 am

    I have never had children myself but I so agree with you. It is true that children today need to learn these skills but as you say that doesn’t mean they need to have their own if technology is readily available to them. It’s nice to see children playing with dolls and toys and games and being children for longer. It seems to me that the 8 year olds of today are more like the 12 year olds of my day. The other thing I wonder is if a young child has a computer, phone, music player and TV of their own before reaching the teen years what the heck do you get them after that? Nothing would impress them. I think you are doing the right thing and it sounds like Olivia prefers real toys, she might not use the tablet that much anyway.

    • choccyaddict

      November 30, 2013 at 10:34 am

      Exactly! What do you get them when they’re older if they have it all at such a young age! Olivia does love playing with her dolls and doing arts and crafts and I would prefer it that she received these kinds of things whilst she’s still young enough to enjoy it save the other stuff until she’s older!


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