That one status on Facebook thats annoys you!

22 Nov

Oh Facebook! It has a lot to answer for doesn’t it! I have only been on it for less than 2 years but I have already experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of it. It is what you make of it but unfortunately some people do abuse it and other people need to learn when NOT to use it!

So scrolling through my timeline the other day I spotted a status that I would usually skip past but the words, in precise order made me stop, “people are to tight to pay a measly 100 quid”!!!!!!!!

MEASLY? 100 QUID!!!! Are you serious? Really?

I couldn’t believe what I was reading so I clicked on the comments 

‘yeah I know I paid 500 for mine’

‘ it’s not to much to ask tho is it? 100 is buttons’


Well throw some of these buttons my way ladies ill gladly take some buttons off your hands! 

What makes it worse is that neither of these people work. Both have 4 children each. Yet they have this kind of money to call buttons! 

This is where our benefits system is going wrong. To be out of work and have that kind of money to throw around on non essentials really makes my blood boil! Some weeks I can’t actually afford to buy myself food it all goes on bills and making sure Olivia has what she needs and a lot of the time we go without a lot of things we need. Like now I’m changing the sheets thinking we both need new sheets, pillows, duvets etc but it’s going to have to wait until after Christmas because as I work for a living money is tight as far too many of us know!

How is it right that, not all let me add this isn’t a sweeping judgement at all, certain people on benefits have this kind of free cash to throw around? I know from experience that this is not the case for a lot of out of work people so please don’t get offended or leave any nasty comments. It’s aimed at the one who know how to play the system and abuse it to its fullest claiming things they’re not entitled to, nor deserve and have no problems flaunting it in people’s faces. 

I know that eventually it will catch up with people and they will get their just punishment but while they continue to get away it and living the life of luxury whilst not working, it really feels like a big fat kick in the teeth for the many of us who do go to work and do earn a living only to be continually treading water, trying to survive living from one day to the next.  

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