Week 10 Catch up

25 Nov

So im in my final week of my 10 Week Challenge. 

What an interesting time it has been. I’ve have learnt so much about me, about food, exercise it’s really been an eye opener for me. 

I’ve also had a bit of negativity with comments like ‘well my weight is coming of slowly and without tablets so I will keep my weight off’ and ‘it’s just cheating taking tablets!’ oh yes these have all been said to my face!

Firstly what I have been doing isn’t cheating I have worked so hard and put so much effort in there is no way I have “cheated” at all. And secondly even tho its been 10 weeks in the 2 weeks before I started it I lost 7lb on my own so technically I have the weight over the same time period just using different methods! 

Now onto what I went through and what I learnt doing this diet. 

1) I an so much stronger mentally than I ever thought I was. I have done so much more and so much better than I ever thought I would be able to. Yes I slipped up and yes I had just awful days but I tried. I got up the next day put it behind me and tried again including when I had Labyrinthitis again!

2) I am more aware of the kind of food I should be eating and more importantly the size of the portions I should be eating and I’m enjoying it, well most of it anyway!

3) I DO NOT NEED Chocolate! Who would of thought it! This diet plan has succeeded in killing off my physical need and craving for chocolate. I genuinely needed it. Now I can still eat it but I don’t need it. Ny blood sugar levels are controlled so I don’t feel that crash in the day. I do have a bit, not too much tho, of honey in my diet and maybe this is helping to keep those sugar cravings away. Whatever it is its working and for the first time since being pregnant I know what it’s like to not be dependant on chocolate!

I have found new joy in exercise! Really I have! Yes it’s hard and it’s takes a lot out of you but it’s so true that you really so feel good when you’ve done what you set out to do in a workout. 

I have had set exercises to follow as you know fat burning and toning starting with 2/3 days and working up to 4 and types of exercises. Punishing isn’t in it! Mentally and physically hard to do pushing you to do more and more but the results speak for themselves and as they say no pain no gain! These have been additional to my swimming, aqua classes and taking my daughter swimming and increased hours at work at our busiest period with a lot of time spent on my feet in store!

As I mentioned sunday 1/12/13 is my final weigh in and I’m going all out to make it a good un. I’m now 3lb off my goal of being 12st exactly on finishing day having brought it down from a hefty 13st 9lb my heaviest ever in September this year. 

So wish me luck I hope I do myself and everyone else on this challenge proud and ill be back with my final results as soon as they’re in!

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