Where are your eyes…..

28 Nov

ThisImageThis post is dedicated to the above little lady and my daily struggle to keep her glasses on her face!

Olivia is extremely long sighted in her left eye she currently wears a +7.50 prescription and clear lens in the other eye as she has better than 20/20 vision. Shocking right how they can be so out of balance just the one eye affected! What makes it worse is that she can see perfectly fine without the glasses on so she, at the ripe old age of 7!, has decided that she doesn’t need to wear them! Reasoning with frame of mind isn’t an easy task at all. But first let me tell you about how we came to find out about how bad her eyesight actually was. 

I wear glasses, my sister and mum wear them and my 9 year niece does too. But Olivia never showed any signs of needing glasses at all so as she growing from a baby to toddler what we now know to be quirks due to limited vision we just passes off as her being a bit fidgety. She never struggled with anything never complained that she couldn’t see something properly and there were no visual signs no turn in her eye nothing. 

At 4 years old she told us she wanted to wear glasses like Ellie my niece, no we said your eyesight is fine. She had just had her sight and hearing checks done in school and whilst many of her class mates parents were advised that their children did need glasses I wasn’t so I presumed all was well. 

I relented and decided that I would take Olivia to Specsavers just to show her that her eyes were fine. 

The appointment didn’t go well she hated the checks and got really bored and started messing but the optician persevered. And at the end of the appointment dropped the bombshell. Olivia had NO sight at all in her left eye! She never has and has never used that eye ever! Well to say I was shocked is a massive understatement I couldn’t believe it! I mean how could I not tell? They explained to me that as olivia had never used that eye she presumed that we all saw everything the same way so for her it was completely normal! Small consolation but better than thinking she was slowly losing her sight and not telling anyone. 

They put her in a prescription for a +9 lens and made the referral to our local eye department at the hospital and until then we were to try to get her to wear her cute little barbie glasses as often as possible. 

She was not impressed at all! I can’t imagine how weird it must of felt for her to suddenly have to be using her eye but she was a trooper and took it all in her stride. 

When we got our appointment at the hospital they told us that if we couldn’t try to correct her sight she could possibly be registered blind! She couldn’t fixate on anything when solely using her left eye and became very stressed and uncomfortable there was next to no vision at all. 

Immediately we started with patches. For 4 to 6 hours a day she would have to cover her right eye and wear her glasses the whole time. She was amazing she didn’t complain, well not a lot and understood exactly why she needed to do it. Unfortunately we had to do this for almost a year and at every check up there was so much improvement the consultant was amazed with her, telling us that this kind of improvement was better than they hoped for considering the age she was when we caught it. Children’s eyesight can’t be corrected as much or as well when they get to around 6. 

Olivia got discharged to a regular opticians about 15 months ago and has now settled into a style of glasses she is comfortable with. I let her pretty much pick her own as I feel that if she loves them she will wear them more. Doesn’t always work but I do it anyway. 

As it stands now Olivia has enough eye sight when wearing her glasses to pass her driving test if she completely lost the sight in her right eye and was solely dependant on her weaker eye. She can still see perfectly well without glasses on and prefers it these days and there is no double vision or turn in her eye. 

I’m so proud of her having to do something so important at such a young age and I can just hope that this is the end of her sight problems after all her hard work. 

We have no reason or explanation as to why this happened even tho the odds where against her having to wear glasses anyway, but they did think that maybe it could of been due to the fact that she was a premature baby! Impatient from the offset but that’s a story for another post!


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