Final Results!

03 Dec


I wanted to share with you the final results of my 10 week Challenge. I participated in this challenge with some amazing people who have done so well and I am so pleased to have had the chance to talk to and share this experience with. We were all chosen by the team at DesirableBody. 

We were supplied with Diet and Exercise plans. Exercise equipment and supplements to help us achieve our goal. We received support and communication all the way through and nothing was too much trouble, no question too silly and no problem they wouldn’t help us through. They set us us up our own dedicated facebook page where we could share stories, tips and just chat to each other so we could all help and encourage on our journey. 

I have had a lot of ups and downs on this challenge but definitely more ups and a sense of pride and achievement that I made it through the other side healthier and slimmer than before. I picked up some amazing exercise tips and have introduced foods into my diet that I would never of dreamed of before, having cravings for feta with beetroot almonds and salad leaves!, and most importantly I’ve learned to enjoy my food. To eat it in moderation and not to rely on it as a crutch. Overeating has hindered me in so many ways and made me lose so much of myself, but now I feel good, I’m happy and the only way is upwards and onwards! Well unless it’s the numbers on the scales in which case the lower the better!

I am going to work hard and at the very least maintain this weight loss and maybe more! Also very importantly as well I have lost my sugar craving, the need for chocolate. I can now enjoy it without eating it to excess and just for that reason alone this challenge gets a huge thumbs up from me!

I will post official results in another post but for now here goes 

Weight lost: 16lbs

Waist lost: 5in

Hips lost: 6in

Chest lost: 5.5in

Thigh lost: 2.5in

Bicep lost: 3in

A total in loss of 22in in total!

Please pop over to Desirablebody. They have a wide range products to help you effectively lose any amount of weight of body fat you need to lose. You can also find them on facebook and twitter. 



I never received anything for writing this post. I participated in the 10 week challenge and received all mentioned products for free in return for my cooperation for future publicity for DesirableBody.  

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