I broke my car!

07 Dec

It’s been a tough week for me this week. My car died and I’m not taking it well at all. 

I passed my driving test in 2006 to make life with olivia easier so for her having a car is the norm, we’ve always had one well pretty much. I’ve had 4 cars since then 2 on finance and 2 I have bought. 

I love driving I love the freedom you can get from being able to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, the ease of just jumping in the car and going. Being able to drive yourself to the airport or to a holiday destination in the UK even getting to concerts (we go to quite a few every year). And with having a young daughter it was so much easier. 

Today I am struggling with not having a car. I don’t work locally and definitely not within walking distance. What used to take 15 minutes in the car has now turned into an hour on the bus as myself and my workplace are not near a train station. I relied on my car for a lot of things, taking Olivia swimming, going to the gym and classes at various leisure centres so you can start to see the impact not having my car is going to have on my everyday life. I’m going to have to make some big changes to my life and how we do things. 

Unfortunately I am at a point in my life were im not able to buy another car and due to an unfortunate incident with my sister and my insurance, I’m not sure I can or want to be paying the currently hefty insurance premiums if I get a new car. 

So for the time being it’s back to walking and getting the bus for the 2 of us im sure ill get used to it, I kind of have to don’t I but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

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