Making the Right Decision

09 Dec

Today I had to make a career choice. I had to decide if I was going to make the leap, go for assistant manager and finally start turning all my experience into something resembling a career not just something I stumbled into. But what to do was hard part. 

I have been told that there is an opportunity for me, that I’m going to do really well in the company and I need to apply for this current vacancy. 

The job is 44 hour minimum contract with varying hours depending on the store opening hours. The idea being I would transfer to a smaller store with shorter opening hours enabling me to have Olivia home most nights instead of only 2/3 nights a week as she currently is. This would be ideal had I still got a car but now I don’t and relying on public transport and fighting with a 7 year old who refuses to get ready on demand makes things a bit more awkward and with a working 10 hour day eg 7am to 5pm shifts then however long it takes on the bus there and back (I can’t work in a store within walking distance as my sister works there) it’s a really long day and ultimately really unfair on Olivia. 

I made the decision to remain in my current position despite being told by one friend, a store manager herself that I would be a fool to not go for it. 

Being a single working mum is hard enough, throw in irregular working hours and long days and the commute and I’m not sure it would work for me right now. One person would lose out and that would be Olivia but the thing is I have to explain this to managers who don’t have children and until you do im not sure you can fully grasp how hard it is to balance your work and home life especially if it’s just you relying on family to help you out. 

So there we go the mummy in me won she needs me to be home more and I just need to see her sometimes like this week, since friday when I took her to school for 9am I have seen her a grand total of 2 hours! Total mummy guilt tonight. I hope I’ve made the right decision after all I don’t plan on leaving the company so I’ve got plenty of years ahead of me to step up and further my career when she is older, for example, the teenage years which I can spend working all day long escaping the raging hormones and all that goes with it. 

What do you think? Did I make the choice? What would you have done?

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