Olivias First Concert

09 Dec

Tonight Olivia went to her first ever grown up concert. She’s a big girl now she’s nearly 8 as keep getting told not a kid anymore! 

Last year my sister who’s a massive JLS fan bought 4 tickets to the last ever tour with the intention of giving them to one of nieces for her 9th birthday, but decided that as she was taking Olivia it wasn’t much of a birthday present so it ended up being a big surprise. 

We picked the girls up from school and brought them home making them get changed this was odd in itself so we told them they had a surprise. One of my other sisters had them hoodies personalised with a Jls slogan on the front especially for tonight!

2 of my sisters went with the girls taking them to KFC for dinner before surprising them with the tickets and jumpers they were very shocked and super excited!

Back home Olivia was full of beans and keen to tell me everything. Her verdict was: AMAZING I LOVE JLS!

Having already seen them live a couple of years ago myself I believe they were amazing and then some they are great performers and put on one hell  of a show. 

It was a great experience for her and I’m so glad she got to see them before they broke up and I’m sure I will be hearing about it for weeks to come so god help me when she gets her little mix tickets, again off the same sister who apparently is going for world’s best auntie ever!, in may next year! New surprise ideas needed now I think. 

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