Christmas Organisation

15 Dec

This year im ready for christmas! I’m organised! Trust me this never happens ever! I’m usually there christmas eve waiting until after bedtime to get those last few presents out to be wrapped. 

This year I have managed to already have bought the majority of my presents and more importantly I have them wrapped, bagged and organised already in my mum’s house. I have 2 things left one doll for my niece which has a price sticker on I couldn’t get off and Olivias scooter which I will be assembling christmas eve.

My mum’s gift is on order and I’m waiting for delivery and all I have to buy now are an outfits each for my baby niece and baby nephew and for my youngest sister. I have a shopping day booked with Olivia next week when we will get all we need.

I have a bag of stocking items ready and as we spend christmas eve, day and boxing day at my mums and sisters I don’t need to buy any additional food for the holiday but I do have a box of treats put away for days when we sit in whilst school is off. 

Due to the nature of retail I won’t be getting much time off hence the need for major organisation coupled with not having a car now extending my working days. We are so busy now I’m working more hours and longer days. This means I don’t have Olivia home as much I she should be so I’m using my time wisely so I can spend the time she is home with her not frantically rushing round. Unfortunately this means that most days by the time I get to work I feel like already done a days work! But with virtually everything done now I can. Relax and concentrate on the big christmas clean up ie the child’s bedroom……..

Needless to say I’m received its all done and can enjoy the last few days in the run up to christmas knowing that I’ve done all the hard work and I’m ready to go, well once I get my last 3 gifts sorted!

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