Review: Vanish PowerPowder

16 Dec


My carpets are in desperate need of a good clean and freshen up. Unfortunately I don’t have time to used my preferred method of carpet cleaning so I thought I would grab a pack of Vanish PowerPowder currently on offer for £5 in Wilkinson.

The instructions say to shake thoroughly and remove the seal from the bottom and shake evenly over area to be cleaned. Then using a soft brush brush into the carpet and leave to fully dry approx 20 mins then vacuum off. Simple!

So I followed all instructions and sat down to wait until it was completely dry. 

I picked the most high traffic area of the house, the hallway and with me having beige coloured carpets they are a bit on the grubby side so they had a lot to clean. 

The powder went down great on application and after being brushed over left a fine white mist over the whole carpet. It was easy to apply and easy to vacuum off. 

Whilst I wasn’t expecting miracle or a full professional clean I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the carpet after. It looked and smelt fresher and whilst old ground in stains are still there I think with a few more applications these will slowly lift giving a nicer cleaner look. 

I have some left over which I will use on my bedrooms. 

I am pleased with the results especially for the price and will definitely buy again. 

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