Sharing the Holidays

20 Dec

It’s so close to christmas now and as I’m a single parent I have had to discuss the holidays with Olivias dad. 

She see him regularly and since we not been together we have been very amicable with regards to christmas visiting. I have never denied him seeing Olivia on christmas day with my only rule being that she HAS to spend christmas eve night with me. 

We are lucky to be on speaking terms and live within 10 minutes walking distance of each other. 

So how do we divide it?

We decided that Olivia spends christmas eve day with her dad and his parents and comes home to me in the evening. Every other year we each have her for dinner. This year is dad’s year. So I have her until early afternoon then he picks her up before their dinner is ready and usually keeps her over night. She is older and more headstrong now so these are now loose plans depending on her mood chances are she will want to come home in the evening. 

On my turn to have her for christmas dinner she will visit her dad’s house early on for a few hours usually around 10am then return around 2pm as we usually have our lunch at 3pm. 

Boxing day again depends on who has her christmas day so we both get to spend time with her over the both days. 

As many separated parents know all to well having to split your time with your child at this time of the year isn’t nice but I think I’m lucky as we have had a really good arrangement in place for the last 4 years which seems to work for us and although I’ll miss her come christmas day afternoon next year she is all mine!

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