Party Hair

05 Jan


I’m not the type of girl who’s into the whole ‘scousebird’ hair in rollers, eyebrows, perfect make up and fake tan look. I don’t follow fashion and I’m much comfier in flats than skyscraper heels. Saying that I had a lot of admiration for those dedicated to looking that good all the time. Personally I think I’m just too lazy to keep it up and too tight to buy all the stuff needed to look that good!
But last night’s big christmas bash for all company employees was a big deal and wanted to look my best and that meant getting someone in to sort my hair out. Not that I’m brilliant at either but I’m definitely better at my make up than my hair, so I booked in with my mobile hairdresser and for only £15 I got the pictured amazing updo.
It was curled, backcombed, pinned and teased with great success and amazing results. Couldn’t of been happier with it.

So ladies if your local to my neck of the woods, Wirral CH area please pop over to twitter @carolellis19 is an amazing hairdresser with over 21 years experience and particually good for bridal hair!

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