Reward Charts

13 Jan


For a while now Olivias behaviour has been getting slowly worse. At first I put it down to the fact that I was working a bit more and she was missing me due to staying at my sisters. But no its not getting any better since christmas has been over and I’m home a lot more.
She is stroppy, stubborn and easily upset kind of like a hormonal teenager!
School mornings are horrific with her just refusing to actually do anything at all.
I came across a moshi monsters reward chart in work with 6 months worth of week by week charts. 5 things to gain stickers for each day with a maximum of 35 stickers. You fill in child’s name, the date and the 5 things they need to work on. For olivia it is brushing her teeth, getting ready for school as soon as she is asked,tidying up after herself, sleeping in her own bed (don’t ask! I know she’s too old to keep getting in with me) and no tantrums over silly things ie when I tell her to stop brushing her dolls hairs and get ready for school. At the bottom of the chart is a space to put in the amount of stars needed to acheive this week to get a present.
I decided I was going to purchase the doll she’s been after as we had it half price and there were only 2 left in our shop. I showed her the prize for reaching this week’s target goal of 30 stars. Not too sure if this is a high target for a first week but she is old enough to understand what she is doing and to know how to change her behaviour.
Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High is the coveted prize so I’m expecting some amazing behaviour this week as she really wants this doll but I have also stipulated that even if she does get it on sunday night any following spurts of bad behaviour will result in the loss of her straight away. I recently used this tactic by taking away her beloved ‘cabby’ cabbage patch doll for a week. I left in view easily accessible and told her she was to stay there and she did all week.
Today already has 2 stars on the chart bit this was to be expected for day 1 but ill keep you posted as to how we get on and if it works!

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