Who’s there for you?

15 Jan

This week our family has been struck down with a winter stomach bug. My 8 month old niece was the first to come down with it early hours of monday morning and has today spent the day in hospital as she still can’t keep anything down. Today her older sister got it and also my 4 month old nephew has come down with it too. 

It’s such a horrible thing to be helpless knowing that you just have to let it pass and all you can do is comfort them and hold them and hope it passes soon. 

But what happens when the adults get it? Being a single parent I always worry about what will happen with Olivia if I can’t look after her, fortunately I very rarely get stomach bugs so I wasn’t worried too much. 

I got it. I was in work. I thought it was heartburn. No. It wasn’t. 

I wasn’t due into work till 4 on the late shift so after the school run I took myself to asda for more new school uniform and was home by half 10. I fell asleep on the sofa for over 2 hours which is very unlike me but I didn’t think anything of it and got a bath and went to work as normal. 

Luckily Olivia was at my sisters, her sick baby not an issue as we had been there over the weekend and she get stomach bugs far less than me, as I was due back into work at 7am. 

My boss was in work with me and heard my very un ladylike noises in the bathroom and told me to stay off and he would cover my shift the next day. I felt so bad. 

I rushed home and made sure I had all Olivias stuff ready for school as I didn’t know how bad it would be or how long it would last. I’m lucky I have my sister to take her for me when I’m not well and her dad so I could re cooperate whilst she was in school but I do wonder how do others cope in a single parent household? Especially if there’s more than one child because I really don’t know what I would of done had Olivia been home with me . 

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