Hi all, this is my new blog about me! Well me and my other half, she who rules the roost, my beautiful Olivia, who graced us with her presence 5 weeks earlier than she was supposed to in March 2006 and has been in charge ever since.
We live in the North West in our own little corner of mayhem.
I think this is just going to be some random ramblings for now about whatever comes to mind whether it be work, school,my disastrous attempts at trying to lose weight my blog name says it all really.
I like to read, go to the gym (not a gym bunny, more like someone who ate all the caramel bunnies!), comping (especially winning).
My special talent is knowing pretty much all the characters off the Disney channel and DCOMs!
So if you like what you read feel free to get in touch say hi
P.S. I am totally useless at anything computer and technical related so it may take a lot of time to get the hang of this blogging thing.
I am also one of the participants of the DesirableBody 10 Week Challenge.


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