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My New Sports Bra

IMG_00000812So today was back to the gym day. It’s been a little while since I’ve been, 7 weeks I think, but I needed to do it. I’ve missed it and I feel so much better when I’ve been.
Just before xmas I was lucky enough to win a new Shock Absorber sports bra. I have an old one I got off ebay but I was desperate for a new one.
They have a handy little bounce-o-meter to help you choose the most appropriate bra for activities you do. I chose the ultimate gym bra. I do a lot of classes and time in the gym so I thought this would be the best one for me.
Mine came in black and pink looking super cute and the attention to detail was amazing. There is a panel behind the cups to help keep you secure when doing more vigorous activities, a wide adjustable strap so there’s no little bits rubbing you and no chance of any loosening. Across the back there are two separate fasteners giving greater support all over thus reducing any unwanted bounce! They also have a handy clip on the front for your headphones to keep the wires out of the way. These guys have thought of everything!
I love this bra! I felt so comfy and secure. There was no messing no fidgeting and no chaffing at all. After a 20 HIIT session on the cross trainer I felt cool and comfortable this bra really does do what it’s supposed to do!
It really is a must for the more busty ladies. Having tried many others I can honestly say I’ve now found the best so go ahead pop over to Shock Absorber and find your perfect sports bra.

I won this product and wasn’t asked or paid to do this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I have in no way been reimbursed for writing this post.

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Getting back to the diet!

After all my hard work on my 10 week challenge with DesirableBody I have completely fell off the wagon!

I have struggled with what to eat and how to plan my meals, and xmas didn’t help!, and old habits have crept back in all of them. I put it down to my lack of preparation and being completely undecided as to what diet plan I should follow.

I really struggle with the whole eating/snacking part exercise not really an issue I will do that no problem, so I have been looking around at different things but nothing as extreme as before. For me it’s not really a realistic diet plan to follow every day and I really wanted to able to lose weight without the help of slimming aids.

I found one! I found this one again on facebook and immediately knew this would be the one!

Porridge On Tuesday is doing the 100 project. It’s a diet/healthy eating programme for normal women to help teach us about how to successfully lose and keep the weight off. Eating normal foods that we buy prepared and cooked healthily with help and support along the way.

There are 3 different time plans to choose from depending on how quick you want to lose the weight, ii opted for the quickest one 16 weeks for a bargain price of £2,50 a week half the cost of slimming world! For this you get
* a full menu plan
*recipies for all meals
*a personal shopping list
*a suggested exercise plan
*support from a private facebook page.

Personally I can’t wait to get started and I will keep you all updated with my progress!


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Party Pics


Hey all I thought I would share with you some progress pics from my recent weight loss. Both of these pics were taken exactly one year apart at our works christmas party held in January every year. We all look forward to it all year as not only is everything free, 3 course meal, drinks, entertainment, it is an amazing night out every year without fail. Not only are Home Bargains a brilliant store for bargains they know how to throw a party and this year was no exception.
As most of you are aware I lost a massive 23lb and 22 inches in the last 3 months of 2013 and man am I proud of myself but in December I fell off the wagon completely. Oh no! Between christmas and work I just didn’t have the time or brain capacity to stick to any sort of diet or exercise plan but fear not I am back on it tomorrow I promise.
Luckily I haven’t gained any weight at all, a few inches I think mainly down to lack of exercise but nothing I can’t fix at the gym with a bit of effort. The thing is I am actually looking forward to it. To getting back to the gym, eating properly the whole lot. I miss how good I felt how healthy mybody was and I’m getting it back quick.
So back to the pics above. The left one is 2013’s party and the right is last night’s party. Yes I have also changed my make up and dyed my hair black, dark and mysterious now ;), but I just can’t believe the difference I still feel like ill wake up and I haven’t actually lost the weight!


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Party Pics


Hey all I thought I would share with you some progress pics from my recent weight loss. Both of these pics were taken exactly one year apart at our works christmas party held in January every year. We all look forward to it all year as not only is everything free, 3 course meal, drinks, entertai
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Final Results!


I wanted to share with you the final results of my 10 week Challenge. I participated in this challenge with some amazing people who have done so well and I am so pleased to have had the chance to talk to and share this experience with. We were all chosen by the team at DesirableBody. 

We were supplied with Diet and Exercise plans. Exercise equipment and supplements to help us achieve our goal. We received support and communication all the way through and nothing was too much trouble, no question too silly and no problem they wouldn’t help us through. They set us us up our own dedicated facebook page where we could share stories, tips and just chat to each other so we could all help and encourage on our journey. 

I have had a lot of ups and downs on this challenge but definitely more ups and a sense of pride and achievement that I made it through the other side healthier and slimmer than before. I picked up some amazing exercise tips and have introduced foods into my diet that I would never of dreamed of before, having cravings for feta with beetroot almonds and salad leaves!, and most importantly I’ve learned to enjoy my food. To eat it in moderation and not to rely on it as a crutch. Overeating has hindered me in so many ways and made me lose so much of myself, but now I feel good, I’m happy and the only way is upwards and onwards! Well unless it’s the numbers on the scales in which case the lower the better!

I am going to work hard and at the very least maintain this weight loss and maybe more! Also very importantly as well I have lost my sugar craving, the need for chocolate. I can now enjoy it without eating it to excess and just for that reason alone this challenge gets a huge thumbs up from me!

I will post official results in another post but for now here goes 

Weight lost: 16lbs

Waist lost: 5in

Hips lost: 6in

Chest lost: 5.5in

Thigh lost: 2.5in

Bicep lost: 3in

A total in loss of 22in in total!

Please pop over to Desirablebody. They have a wide range products to help you effectively lose any amount of weight of body fat you need to lose. You can also find them on facebook and twitter. 



I never received anything for writing this post. I participated in the 10 week challenge and received all mentioned products for free in return for my cooperation for future publicity for DesirableBody.  

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Mid Week Check Up

So 3 days in how’s it going?
Actually despite my constant moaning and bitching and generally being a huge drama queen, it’s going well.
I’ll admit that diet plan scared the sh*t out of me at first but I vowed to try everything except eggs. I just can’t even compromise on that no eggs end of!
im still getting kind of hungry at times but not because of the meals and portion size but because of my life, whether it be work or my sister having a baby yesterday things just don’t always go as planned but I’ve persevered and these are my initial thoughts.
I like salmon! Who knew!
Not fussed on asparagus but edible
Also not a huge fan of plain low fat Greek yoghurt but again I can stomach it but do you want to know the best thing.
I have not at all, not once craved chocolate!
not since my choccy craving hit me when I was pregnant have I ever been able to go 3 whole days without the stuff! I genuinly craved it I would go mad until I got some and boy could I go through it. Now don’t get me wrong I still could demolish a family size bar of choc but I’m not feeling the need for it right now. I’m not missing it. I don’t really need and I love not needing the mid afternoon, oh who am I kidding, whole day chocolate pick me up!
However my love for all things processed is still with me. I nearly pounced on my neice for her chicken nuggets earlier and had to console myself with my tuna salad and don’t even start me about the 10 inch pizza, meat feast obv, I wanted driving past the kebab house on the way home from a double workout session. Step aerobics and water aerobics.
It’s getting easier and tomorrow I up my intake of the T5 tablets so I’m hoping I have an amazing weight loss as the sheer amount and types of food I’ve eliminated all ready is amazing and so far it’s not too hard really

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The Diet Really Does Start Monday!

So, my previous post about diets and me having a little Rant about Slimming World, WW etc I still believe in but something has to change in you firstly before any thing will work.
It changed it happened! I wanted to stop and over haul my life I don’t want to be nearly double my healthy BMI and healthy weight target, ok slight exaggeration but I’m not far of it.
I’m 32 I don’t want to lose my 30s being overweight like the later years of my 20s.
I weighed my self thoroughly disgusted and vowed I would try whatever it took. I cut down, I went back to the gym including going to classes and generally got my backside off the sofa away from the comping and out of the house in general.
It worked I lost 3lb! Spurred on by this and by my sister joining the gym with me, I enrolled in more aqua classes took healthy lunches into work and bam, another 4lb off! Half a stone in 2 weeks take that wobbly bits! Goodbye and good riddance.
But tomorrow, tomorrow it all changes. I have been chosen to participate in a 10 week challenge that completely overhauls my entire diet (and obliterates 99% of my food intake!) and I really hope that it’s the kickstart I need to turn this overweight body of mine into something I won’t feel disgusted with when I look in the mirror everyday.
I’m under no illusions that it will be easy I imagine it may be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I have a new found determination and will to succeed.
It can be done and I will do it!
please join me in my journey for all the ups and downs and everything inbetween

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