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*Review* TAJ Aloe Vera Drinks



Recently I was sent some bottles of TAJ Foods Aloe Vera juice to try out. As you all know I am trying (mainly failing) on my quest to find way of losing weight that works for me.Aloe Vera Juice  has many health benefits. As well as an aid to detox it can help boost immunity and leave you feeling more energised.
There is a wide range of different flavours available. Original, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate and Cranberry.
I have a thing for Mango juice so iwould of liked to have tried this flavour but I was sent original and strawberry to try out.

TAJ Foods only use real Aloe Vera pulp and juice in their drinks with real fruit and natural flavours and does not contain any E-numbers or aloe powder.

Having never tried anything like this before I decided I would wait until today to try them out as I had a boot camp class booked and thought they would be a perfect after workout drink to help me recover.
First impressions I was put off buy the pulp in the drinks as I’m usually a not a fan of drinks like this, think smooth orange juice and to be honest I’ve only really used aloe Vera in creams so an Aloe Vera Drink seemed a bit, well I don’t know how explain it, kind of not really something I would try so I excited to actually try it out.

It was so nice and really refreshing! I tried the original first thinking I would be put off by the pulp but I wasn’t, I know I making a big deal about this pulp thing sorry, but it didn’t bother me and I was really surprised in a good way at how nice it was. Full of flavour and cold straight from the fridge I found it really quenched my thirst. I enjoyed it so much I immediately opened the strawberry and that tasted just as good!
I would definitely try to incorporate this drink into my diet especially after a good workout as it is designed to aid detox I feel the health benefits from this drink would be best put to use then and as it only had natural sugars it gave me that little pick me up I needed straight after.
This product is not suitable for children under 3 or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
You can more about the benefits on YouTube.
You can also follow them on Twitter

*Disclaimer* I was sent 2 bottles of aloe Vera juice for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I was in no other way compensated for this review.

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Holidays in School Holidays

So today me and Olivia took a trip to our local travel agents to enquire about going away during my 2 weeks holiday from work at the end of august.

For the past few years we have taken our holiday in Great Yarmouth so I thought it would be nice to look into going abroad this year just the 2 of us.

We looked into a few options but unfortunately like so many other families were are completely priced out the holiday market.
With the introduction of these new ‘fines’ for parents who take their children out of school, it is now not a viable option to have olivia out of school during term time.

Whilst I totally agree with children not missing school, olivia is rarely off and treasures her attendance record (slightly down from her usual 100% due to the stomach bug we all caught). The problem remains that for far too many families it is just too expensive to book a holiday abroad.



So for a 4 day 3 night trip to Disneyland Paris staying at the Cheyenne on a half board basis including flights and transfers it came to a grand total of £1619.67.
Deposit of £162 with remaining balance to be paid 12 weeks before departure date.
This left me with £1557.67 to be paid by approx end of may.
I get paid weekly so I tend to work all my money out that way so I’m looking at having to put away over £100 a week to make that balance. I work 20 hours a week at just over minimum wage so it goes without saying that there is NO WAY I could ever afford to put away that kind of money!
Olivia is desperately trying to come up with some money making ideas.
The main one involves basically fleecing her dad! The other one is to basically sell everything we own.

I understand that holidays are sold on a demand basis so as there is more demand over the summer months for foreign holiday the prices increase accordingly but where does that leave us who can’t afford the over inflated prices? How do we take a foreign holiday at these prices? Yes we can always start saving a year ahead be super organised but who knows 12 months in advance where exactly they want to spend their next year’s summer holiday?
There are so many offers free child places, early booking discounts but are actually what they seem?
Just try booking a holiday for 2 adults then the same again with the ‘free’ child place. It’s is usually more expensive. We had this problem booking for 6 adults and 3 children a few years ago. And even recently when looking for a holiday for 2 adults it was considerably cheaper than 2 adults with a free child place. This is before the considerable increase due to it being school holidays.
When looking for a week in Egypt with Olivia being out of school for the last day of term we could go for £690 each all inclusive. Fast forward to today for the last week of August and it was over £800 each completely unaffordable for me.
So what are my options? Well really all it leaves me with are booking the year before, not going away at all or again taking a cheap holiday park holiday with other members of my family to keep costs down. The last option didn’t exactly work out so well for us last year if I’m honest.
Have you successfully found a cheap summer holiday or do you have any tips for me in securing a reasonable priced holiday?

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Boot Camp

So on the spur of the moment, bored on the bus I might add, I seen a post for a free boot camp trial close to me for a week. 


I signed up. 


It starts tomorrow.  


I am so scared. 

There has been a distinct lack of exercise going on since I finished my 10 week challenge and I’m sad to say that, no I didn’t do my porridge on tuesday diet and no I haven’t kept to my aqua classes or anything remotely healthy. 

I completely live up to my blog name (I polished off one of those quality street toffee finger boxes in 1 sitting!). All I’ve done is eat and eat and when I can’t eat any more I have some chocolate! 

So I have put just under half a stone on and a few inches and for this reason I am going to boot camp! 


But if any of you nice people want to write me a note to excuse me……….


Wish me luck and cross your fingers and pray im in better shape than I feel right now

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To blog or not to blog

So as you have probably noticed I have kind of been neglecting my blog a little bit lately. Partly due to manic work hours, a bit of a lack of inspiration for new posts and a bit of self doubt. 

I only have a small group of readers so far but I’m not really worried about that. The more I grow into my blog, the more people it will reach im sure. The thing is tho I currently blog from phone which is not ideal as I have no home Internet. It also means pictures and link can be a bit hit and miss really too. The main problem is im not good with computers. I never learnt the basics at school, how I hear you ask, we used them in partners and I managed to just not do as much as my partner! A lot of things confuse me as I just don’t know the basics or the lingo or just anything much really. I know I should learn but it’s kind of a bit like teaching and old dog new tricks. Don’t get me wrong I want to learn I just never get round to it. 

So you see im kind of lacking a bit in blog confidence and due to a recent post I read from an established blogger, I’ve come to learn that if a lot of people think the same as her my blog is seen to be boring. Apparently pictures are a make or break thing, possibly more than the quality of the posts. This is something I will work on along with everything else. 


So if you like my blog thanks for reading, if your of the ‘ I want more pictures’ group I apologise please bear with me or better still help me grow. Leave me some tips and hopefully I can turn this little blog into something I’m proud of. 


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Just the two of us

Well this week I have had the busiest week. I spent my day off on monday cleaning my sisters carpets then my own on Tuesday before my working week started. My shift pattern went late,early,late,early then a late shift again on Saturday evening. 

This meant Olivia had to stay out quite a lot resulting in dramatics at school on friday as she wanted to come home with me and not go with her nan to stay at her dads. 

She came home! And again Saturday night when she had arranged to stay at my sisters. I don’t blame her, she’s a home bird who doesn’t really like to be away from me much I know this and fully expected it. 

Today I woke up so exhausted I decided we should have a lazy day. A day off from the rules, from everything and just do whatever we wanted. 

We had chocolate for breakfast, stayed in our pj’s and forgot about everything. We got monopoly out and played on and off all day. We watched Aladdin, Annie, Starstruck and many episodes of Disney channel favourites. We sat side by side reading our separate books, we acted silly and just had the most lazy indulgent time. 

It was what Sundays where made for, and exactly what I needed today ahead of a super busy week again ahead of the all dreaded stocktake! 

Honestly I forgot how good it is to just stop, take a time out from life and just enjoy what I have. 

Hope you all had a super sunday too. 

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Review: Rug Doctor

After a week of stomach bugs and all kinds of nasties that spread through the whole family my sister and I decided we needed to hire a carpet cleaner to get rids of all the lingering nasty odours.
So hired ourselves a Rug Doctor from our local morrisons supermarket.
I have been using Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for many years now and I love the results. They are easy to use with all directions on the machine itself and produce fantastic results.
I have laminate flooring in my living room so I only had my corner suite, hall/stairs/landing and 2 bedrooms to do.
You start by filling the machine with 150ml solution, which can be purchased when you hire out your machine, to 9 litres of hot not boiling water. This is done by removing the white tank and pouring the water into the red tank underneath simple!
There are 2 buttons on the machine, one for using it for carpets and and one for using the hand tools provided for stairs and upholstery. The second to switch it on when you are ready to start. The handle has a lever on to adjust to a comfortable height for yourself and the water button. You control this yourself to avoid oversoaking the carpets. 
Walking backwards and slowly pulling the rug doctor you see instant results on the carpet and also in white compartment which collects all water as it comes back into the machine.
I love this part! I know it’s kind of disgusting but the amount of dirt that it cleans from your carpets, especially if like me it’s been a while since you cleaned your carpets!

I recommend going over your carpets at least twice to get a really good clean especially if you have stubborn stains. I even manged to lift some of the hair dye stains off my bedroom carpet! Now that was an unexpected surprise!

As I used the on the most high traffic area in my home I wasn’t really building my hopes for an amazing result but my carpets are almost like new again looking and smelling so clean and fresh!



One thing I would tell you to do is to make sure that you go over your carpets and without using the water this will ensure you remove any excess water helping your carpets to dry a lot quicker.
So if your in need of fresher carpets head over to Rug Doctor to find your nearest stockist.
I rented mine from Morrisons but you can also find them at bandq and tesco to name a few.
It cost us £20 for 24 hours and £15 for a bottle of solution to do up to 8 average size rooms. There is also 48 hour rental available too.

Disclaimer: I hired this rug doctor myself. I was not asked to do this review nor was supplied any equipment or reimbursed for doing this review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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Today in work I came across an elderly lady in need of some assistance. She was feeling unwell and unsteady so I helped her to our staff canteen for some water and a seat. 

She was very apologetic and feeling a little foolish she said. Glad of a sit down and a little time off the shop floor I had a little chat with her. 

She informed me of her age, 90! Wow, and told me a little of her life. No children and her sisters all passed away many years ago she was the last of her family remaining and just recovering from an illness. 

“I’m not supposed to come out on my own” she told me “I get a little breathless but I needed to come out and I didn’t have anyone to come with me”

She then apologised to me? “You don’t have to apologise for anything” I told her. She looked so lonely and vulnerable I just wanted to help her get home to make sure she was ok and see if she actually did have anyone to help her. This lady is 90 years old and just cast aside, a forgotten statistic, someone who deserves attention and help so she can carry on living her life and not to be afraid of leaving home as she is too frail, her words not mine. 

I called her a taxi and waited till I was sure she was safely on her way home but I wondered. I wondered how long again before she speaks to another person face to face. How long till she gets someone to come with her so she can leave her home again. 

I see so many elderly people come through our shop without giving them a second glance but for some of them it may be the only human interaction they have and this thought today made me sad. 



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